The Importance of Electronic Whiteboard in an Organization

An electronic whiteboard, for those with little knowledge about it, is a device used by organizations or institutions in transmitting information from a computer and presented it to an audience. It is one of the tools used by organizations to enhance performance in its business processes. Therefore, it becomes a core requirement when it comes to handling various business processes efficiently and in a more interactive manner.

Ranging from employee’s performances to the business itself, below are some of the reasons why one should make use …

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A Buyer’s Guide to Stationary and Mobile Digital Whiteboards

When it comes to buying digital whiteboards, a number of things must be determined to ensure the right choice. Factors such as space, budget, audience, and the intended use must be considered before making a decision on which type of digital whiteboard to purchase.

Before we discuss these factors, it is important you understand the difference between the two types. The key distinction between the stationary and mobile digital whiteboards can be traced in their design rather than function. Mobile digital whiteboards are usually designed to …

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Using Touch Screen Displays to Improve the Aviation Industry

Technology is making work easier in numerous sectors. The aviation industry has not been left behind. Today, you walk into any airport or aircraft and you are bound to see numerous touch screen displays. But have they really improved the workings and customer experience of the industry or is this just hype? Let’s delve into some of the ways that touch screen displays are improving the industry.

A touch screen display enabled cockpit?

1. Information display

Pilots need to know particular information like topography, altitude and …

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Frequent Electronic Whiteboard Mistakes You Should Be Wary Of

No matter how tech savvy you might be, making mistakes while dealing with technology is an everyday affair. This holds true especially in a scenario when classroom technology is rapidly evolving, and it’s becoming increasingly harder to keep up with the changing trends.

If you’re someone who’s just getting the hang of using an electronic whiteboard, learning from the mistakes of others can be a lifesaver. The following are the mistakes teachers and even professionals have admitted to making when dealing with this device.

Electronic …

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How Teachers Can Make the Most Out of Electronic Whiteboards

The days of chalk and blackboards are passé as technology is reinventing teaching methods to make the process exciting for both students and the teachers. Traditional teaching tools are now being replaced by tablets, notebooks, iPads, etc. that allow for greater flexibility in teaching as well as more interaction from the pupils.

Among various modern classroom technologies, the electronic whiteboards have perhaps had the most significant impact on classrooms.

How teachers can use electronic whiteboards

1. For presentation: This device makes it easier for educators to …

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Benefits of Electronic Whiteboards in Enhancing Patient-Physician Communication

Electronic whiteboards is equably the best innovation ever designed in the health care system. This health care technology is a large touch screen display in form of a standalone or a touch screen computer which is of great importants for a physician to set up an effective communication with patients. This electronic whiteboards conveys and stores electronic records which are fundamental in ensuring effectiveness and ease of retrieval when needed. It is of great help in reviewing the patient’s previous visits, diagnosis and examination and the …

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5 Ways To Use Interactive Flat Panel To Stand Out In Business

Technological advancements have enabled the present day businesses to market their products in new and innovative ways. The use of interactive flat panel is one such innovation. This technology can be used in multiple ways to stand out in marketing campaigns and trade exhibitions. Here are the major ones.

1. Create An Interactive Environment

In order to attract potential clients and customers, it is important to offer them something that others are not doing. An interactive environment attracts their attention and invites them to explore further. …

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4 Things to Keep in Mind When Buying an Interactive Smart Board

Buying latest technology and equipment is never easy because this industry is always evolving. From a large number of choices to never-ending variation in features and prices, it is quite common for an average person to get confused and buy the wrong product.

Since you’re looking to buy an interactive smart board, there are a few things you must take into consideration to get the best value for money.

What to look for when purchasing an interactive smart board?

1. The Size of Your Target

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How Interactive Education Technology Can Be Useful In Classrooms

Traditional classrooms have several limitations. However, with the help of interactive education technology, such limitations can be easily overcome. Not only this, there are several other advantages that can’t even be imagined in a conventional setting.

The teacher can make the lesson presentations in advance and can use them multiple times in different classrooms. This saves a lot of time and effort. Therefore, the teacher can devote more of his time to individual interactions with each student.

On the other hand, the presentations created using …

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The Benefits of Interactive Education Technology in Kindergarten Classes

The days when classroom teaching only meant maps, chalks, diagrams and blackboards are long gone. Things are different now with the Interactive education technology playing a vital role in kindergarten classes. Both teachers and students feel the benefits of this kind of technology. Here are the top five reasons why interactive education technology is beneficial in the kindergarten class.

1. It cultivates the skills of the kindergarten students
While traditional methods of teaching are very ineffective, the interactive computer games have made practicing of number, letter …

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